Monday, June 23, 2008


Can I just say that I LOVE Costco, and always will? OK, so the reason today is not a great reason, in fact, I feel like I got away with something...

Long story: When the kids get their school pictures taken by a professional photographer, I will admit, here on my blog that no one will ever read (or turn me in to the copyright police), that I scan the 8x10 into the computer, and then I will BUY the page of 2-5x7's and turn the rest in! HONESTLY, professional photography is a RACKET sometimes! You only get one or two poses, and they mess up your kid's hair right before the picture, and they make sure that their smile is the worst possible smile--so, unless you are at a photo shoot with a TON of options, you get a pretty crappy photo! ANYHOO, I scanned Nick's photo from school, and "stupidly" though I've done it before with great success, uploaded the photo to Costco and ordered 2 5x7's and some wallets--$.39 each sheet--SO much better than $12.50 a sheet! (come ON!) Anyway, I went to pick them up, and the guy told me that the brand name was in the corner of my scan (whoopsie) and that I had to have the brand name company sign a waiver for my silly scanned photo... Well, I just didn't take them with me (well, the guy took them OUT of my envelope and wouldn't sell them to me...sad...)
ANYWAY, (I told you this was long) today I went to pick up another bunch of photos for work. I told the girl that I sent in both 4x6's and 5x7's. I paid at the photo counter without incident for the two envelopes. My brain said, "One envelope for 4x6's and one for 5x7's." Then, I get to my office, open the first envelope, and there, in an otherwise unmarked envelope were my 2 5x7's and my sheet of 4 wallets!!!!!! Thanks to the Costco guy who just stuck them in an envelope and then in the "to be picked up later" box, and then thanks to the girl who didn't know that I had tried to get away with something last time I was there! I now have a cute pic of my son (that I was just going to print on crappy computer paper) all nice and glossy! YAY! (and a wallet for Noni, who keeps saying she doesn't have him in her wallet!) :)


OK--"WE" won the dream wedding! Well, NormaAnne and Henry won the wedding, we just get the satisfaction of backing the right "horse" so to speak! YAY US! :) It was fun, but tiring to vote all day for a week! Not sure why obsessions like this are so easy to get sucked into--maybe it's that "everybody's doing it" mentality! Anyway, I hope they have a WONDERFUL wedding! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

VOTE, because it's FUN to kick someone else's butt!

OK, this has become sort of (sort of is SUCH an understatement) an obsession (mission, goal, deathmatch, ass-whoopin') on the Cricut MB--so much so that now there are PRIZES for sharing this obsession with anyone who happens to read our blogs! So, I'm up for anything, and I've been voting since I got to work (and once while I was being lectured at at home when using the computer to review family finances with DH...(Emily is a BAD girl...)) Anyway, PLEASE VOTE EVERY 12 minutes for Norma Anne and Henry, so that they can have the most wonderful wedding ever! (I hear that we are all invited on the free honeymoon if they win--this could be a rumor, but I'm pretty sure they are already booking our flights--because the prices will be going up any second now!) In case you missed it above, here's the link again! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

I thought I slept last night...

But I guess I didn't! Maybe it's the silence in the office today, or maybe it's the muscle relaxer that I took for my sore neck (well, the HALF of muscle relaxer...) but, I just woke up with my face imprinted on my arm for what must have been a good ten minute crash! Actually, when I woke up, I felt surprisingly refreshed! I must remember to power nap whenever possible--if someone comes in the doors, they make noise, so I should be OK, RIGHT?
I type this as I am listening to the hustle and bustle of the budget keepers as they whisper about whose contracts they are renewing for another year, and whose they are going to NOT renew... I've been given a cheerful "Thumbs Up!" from one of them, but I'm still nervous--stupid California education budget! Anyway, how could they get rid of me? I'm always here when they need me--even when I am sleeping, at least I am here! :)
Happy Weekend--TGIF never meant more to me than right now--15 minutes before I bust outta here! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 it worth it?

So, I put some stuff up for sale on eBay today--kid's clothes--Gymboree, used, size 5...
I put it all at $.99, and didn't even up the shipping so I would make a REAL profit! LOL! I honestly kept saying to myself that it's NOT worth it--none of it will sell for much, and then there are all the new fees and whatnot... BUT, maybe I will make enough for a new Cricut cartridge, and, isn't that what life is all about? (well, MY life anyway...) :)

In other news, apparently Thursday is Tori's birthday at school (I thought it was next month!--ah, summer birthday week...) Now I have to find something to give each child in her class as a "gift" as taking cupcakes is frowned upon! Hey, MY kid isn't Obese! (her mother is, but I'm working on it, OKAY?...ahem...) I don't mainline her with sweets--this is a kid who LOVES her carrots and broccoli, and even green beans and good things like shrimp and steak and pasta! Last night she ate half of my Black Angus Prime Rib!
Which leads me to think that I should make her dinner in the portion size that I normally eat, and let her eat what she can from it, and THEN, I eat her leftovers, rather than what I do now--make her a plate in kid size, and then if she doesn't finish, I toss it all (into my mouth...) If I do the opposite, that would mean I would lose weight, RIGHT? I think this idea has a shot--I might write a book about it...or just blog my results for someone else to capitalize upon...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Should I keep a journal, or just post things here?

Since I probably won't ever share this blog publicly--and unless someone comes along and finds me because I put some random string of words together, and they Google those SPECIFIC words, "dog fish noodle eleven," I could probably keep my journal here... provided I don't use specifics which would set Mike off on some other kind of "internet safety" rant which has previously kept me from posting pictures of myself and the kids...well, I did have us up on the Cricut message board, but he saw it and flipped, so I went back to my old avatar (Jiminy Cricut...) ANYWAY, this weekend had a good story attached to it--not necessarily a GOOD story, but it was funny, ROFLMAO funny, as my legs went to jell-o when it happened, so I did, literally roll on the floor and laugh my ass off...(well, I still have my ass, darnit, but you know what I mean...) Jenny opened a bottle of "sparkling wine" that was corked like a champagne bottle, and when the little cage was off the cork, and my face was oh, about 5 inches or less away from it, I saw it move the tiniest bit, and then KAPOW! out it shot from the bottle. Jenny was pretty close to it, too, and we both jumped away like it was an explosion! And then, in our typical "Billmire" way, we started to laugh, Mom, Jenny and I, in nervousness, and it was pretty danged funny! I am sure Mom saw our faces when it happened, so that's where the laughter started...I think... Anyway, I wish we had had a camera on ourselves, it would have been fun to watch again in slo-motion! :)
Happy Monday to all my fans who have now googled "dog fish noodle eleven." :)