Thursday, May 28, 2009


Welcome to the world's MOST neglected blog! My poor bloggy blog...

Let's see...last time I visited this place, I posted pictures of what MIGHT be in my kitchen! Looks like all that stuff is pretty much what is now IN my new kitchen! It's awesome, I love it, and it already feels like it was never the gross mess that it used to be! In other words, I don't even remember what the old kitchen was like, this one is so comfortable and wonderful! :)

Otherwise, life is about the same--though I've become completely addicted to two new things--
1. FACEBOOK (I am not a quiz taker, unless it looks fun, otherwise, I stalk old friends, and play MafiaWars and Wordscraper.)
2. TWILIGHT (the series of books...and, maybe the movie, if New Moon is not suckish, like Twilight, the movie was.)
3. (I know I said TWO addictions, but,) Rob, this addiction is most likely due to the fact that he PLAYS Edward, not that he IS Edward. I am able to make the distinction between fact and fiction, and so, I can say without reservation that his yumminess is not just the Edward thing--though it helps... It doesn't hurt, either, that he's been working out... :)

So, my blog update for 2009 is now complete! LOL--I hope to be back to ramble again soon, but who knows...if my energy points stay full in MafiaWars, this blog may become a distant memory! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is my new granite. In person, it's darker than this, but I actually like it better with the camera flash... I'm thinking the natural light in my kitchen will make it light like this--regardless, ANYTHING is better than the crap we have now! :)

This is my new floor tile. It's a 20"x20" square, so they are HUGE, but it looks fantabulous with the granite and the cabinets--again, much better than the crap we walk on now!

This is my new backsplash tile. It's travertine, which sounds fancy, and Italian, but, interestingly (to me) it's actually CORAL. Yep, from the ocean! So, I said to the guy, "HEY, that's a natural resource that actually regrows pretty quickly, does that mean that I'm being GREEN?" And the guy laughed nervously, and said, "Heh, I suppose so..." I think he had NO idea what I meant! Ah, tile salesmen, they don't get out much, except to smoke on the side of the building!

And THESE, are my cabinets! It's called Coffee Glaze (the glaze part is like a dark brown wash that they put in the corners and grooves to make the edges stand out.) You can see my granite sitting on top in the showroom.
TA DAAAAAAAAAA! :) Now, it has to be put in my house! :)

I'm a sucky blogger...

It's OK, no one has to tell me that I am a sucky blogger--I fully admit it! I wish that not blogging for three months meant that I've been so busy that I have no time to write about what's going on with me, but, alas, that would be lying...sort of! I mean, stuff HAS been happening, of course, but it's not the stuff most people would wait anxiously for! I don't have any celebrity gossip--though I DO know a few things going on at SDSU that I can't really tell anyone because I read paperwork that I was just supposed to copy and hand to someone more important than I...
I don't mind being boring, I suppose--I've never been much of a firecracker anyway! :)
SO, it's already February 2009! --The BIG BIG news for me right now is that we are REMODELLING OUR KITCHEN! It's going from NASTY, I can't think of a word that rhymes with nasty that is also synonymous with AWESOME! :) So, it's going to be super radical awesome gorgeous and with more counterspace and storage--and, DRUMROLL--NEW APPLIANCES!
I'm stoked, I'm thrilled, and I'm NERVOUS as heck that we will be in a construction zone with no way to cook other than with the toaster oven, but HEY, if Top Chef can make a Thanksgiving dinner for the Foo Fighters with a toaster oven and a microwave, I can manange corndogs and chicken nuggets!
Speaking of Top Chef--I want Carla to win, so I can go to her restaurant and have her analyze my aura while raising the roof and whootie whooing, AND making me some vegetarian pastries--She's loon, and that's why I love her, so there! (see, I can have some pop culture references sometimes, too--how do you like me now?)
OK, well, once again, I am wasting valuable work time doing things that I should not be doing, but, isn't that what life is all about? (I'm so deep.)
Until next time (aka, Aprilish-Mayish) enjoy the fresh smells of spring! --oh, and if you make any casseroles that you think will cook nicely in a microwave or a toaster oven, my address is: (hahahahah, as IF!) :)
XOXO, the sucky blogger!