Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, it's Sunday! This has been a REALLY busy weekend! The kids are watching Spongebob... I am on the computer. I washed my car before it got really hot outside! We woke up early to take Mike to the airport. Tori cried--I think Nick thinks he's just going to play golf as usual... We'll see how this week goes. I might need a vacation from Mike's vacation! :)


Friday, May 16, 2008


Looky! I added a slideshow of some of my scrapbooking projects, and our Teacher Appreciation project, the Gingerbread Man book! ENJOY!

First post--could it be the last?

Well, it's my first post on my very own blog. How do ya like me NOW? :)
I don't know if anyone really wants to read any of my ramblings, but, you never know, I could say something really profound, and wouldn't it be just like me to let it go unnoticed? (no, I tell everyone EVERY funny thing I've said--I'm desperate for attention! Did I just say that?)
I'm a hardcore user of the :), and sometimes the ;P, but mostly I'm a :) girl, and I'll write an entire e-mail and have to go back and remove the :)'s they just seem to be part of my punctuation!
Anyway, enjoy my blog. I'm really just playing around with fonts and colors, so don't be surprised if you come back (oh, please come back!) if it looks completely different--OR, it will look the same, because I haven't got a CLUE how to change some things! :) (<<--look! There it is again!)