Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm a sucky blogger...

It's OK, no one has to tell me that I am a sucky blogger--I fully admit it! I wish that not blogging for three months meant that I've been so busy that I have no time to write about what's going on with me, but, alas, that would be lying...sort of! I mean, stuff HAS been happening, of course, but it's not the stuff most people would wait anxiously for! I don't have any celebrity gossip--though I DO know a few things going on at SDSU that I can't really tell anyone because I read paperwork that I was just supposed to copy and hand to someone more important than I...
I don't mind being boring, I suppose--I've never been much of a firecracker anyway! :)
SO, it's already February 2009! --The BIG BIG news for me right now is that we are REMODELLING OUR KITCHEN! It's going from NASTY to...um...shoot, I can't think of a word that rhymes with nasty that is also synonymous with AWESOME! :) So, it's going to be super radical awesome gorgeous and with more counterspace and storage--and, DRUMROLL--NEW APPLIANCES!
I'm stoked, I'm thrilled, and I'm NERVOUS as heck that we will be in a construction zone with no way to cook other than with the toaster oven, but HEY, if Top Chef can make a Thanksgiving dinner for the Foo Fighters with a toaster oven and a microwave, I can manange corndogs and chicken nuggets!
Speaking of Top Chef--I want Carla to win, so I can go to her restaurant and have her analyze my aura while raising the roof and whootie whooing, AND making me some vegetarian pastries--She's loon, and that's why I love her, so there! (see, I can have some pop culture references sometimes, too--how do you like me now?)
OK, well, once again, I am wasting valuable work time doing things that I should not be doing, but, isn't that what life is all about? (I'm so deep.)
Until next time (aka, Aprilish-Mayish) enjoy the fresh smells of spring! --oh, and if you make any casseroles that you think will cook nicely in a microwave or a toaster oven, my address is: (hahahahah, as IF!) :)
XOXO, the sucky blogger!

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