Monday, November 10, 2008

Time flies!

Wow--time really does fly, as they say (whoever THEY is--this time, THEY is right (are right...?)

I've neglected my blog (sorry blog!) Better my blog, I suppose than my children, my husband, or my house (though I think my house was starting to feel like my blog...) Still, I spent a good hour last night running around my house with cleaning products in hand, splashing them on things and wiping it off. I do believe that 4pm on a Sunday is the best time to clean a house, so you go into the workweek with a clean house that you don't get to mess up because you are at work. So, my house is sitting empty and "clean" right now as I write this at work (shhhh).
What have I been up to? Well, let's see. I have been able to work on some FUN projects, such as the baby shower invitations for Michelle, and some favors and a diaper cake for Wendy's shower. I haven't done much for myself in the way of scrapbooking, but that's always the way it goes--though I never thought of myself as one who puts others first--turns out I AM one of those people! (the horror of not acting spoiled!)

Tori and I took in High School Musical THREE on the big screen. It was entertaining--but the best part was the screams from the little tweens down in the front row who clearly wanted to be Gabriella in EVERY scene with Troy--and wanted to be his basketball jersey during that one scene...whew! Good thing he's really an adult (21) and I can have my fantasies, too... :)

We had Halloween. The kids had a good time Trick or Treating, and so did I. We got a good haul--Mike's eating most of it, thank goodness! I have not been tempted very often, another thank goodness! Tori started out the night as Sleeping Beauty in a blue gown, instead of the pink. She was stunning, in my opinion--way too grown up looking! Anyway, as we went door to door begging, people would ask her if she was Cinderella, because of the BLUE. She would correct them, and then come back to me waiting on the sidewalk and comment that people kept saying she was CINDERELLA! After our 15th house or so, while crossing the street to go back down the other side, she said, "From now on, I'm just going to be Cinderella, SO much easier!" I don't know why, but this comment struck me as so mature, and so forgiving and so easygoing, when usually, I think Tori is stubborn and dramatic. Just goes to show me, she's really going to have me running in circles when she's old enough to use her powers for evil...

I never talk about Nick. He's just awesome and cute and loves me (he has to tell me he loves me at least 20 times a day.) Sometimes, I just say, "I'm so glad SOMEONE does!" He says, "No, you are supposed to say, 'I love you, too!', or 'YAY!'" Not that he doesn't try to throw tantrums, or refuse to take medicine when he really needs it, or that he's perfect and doesn't hit or scream--he does all of that! BUT, he's sweet with me, so I forgive him pretty easily. (now I'm frantically trying to scrub the word "SUCKER" from my forehead yet again!)

So, I'm going to post some pictures of things that I've made, or maybe something from Halloween--you never know what will be in my pictures--could be one of me--HAHAH! NOT.

OK, blog, I promise not to neglect you again (but if the next post's title is "Happy New Year" it's not my fault--I blame the economy!)
Baby shower invitations for Michelle's shower:

Diaper Cake for Wendy's shower:

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Those invitations are sooo cute!! I LOVE them!! TFS!!