Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is my new granite. In person, it's darker than this, but I actually like it better with the camera flash... I'm thinking the natural light in my kitchen will make it light like this--regardless, ANYTHING is better than the crap we have now! :)

This is my new floor tile. It's a 20"x20" square, so they are HUGE, but it looks fantabulous with the granite and the cabinets--again, much better than the crap we walk on now!

This is my new backsplash tile. It's travertine, which sounds fancy, and Italian, but, interestingly (to me) it's actually CORAL. Yep, from the ocean! So, I said to the guy, "HEY, that's a natural resource that actually regrows pretty quickly, does that mean that I'm being GREEN?" And the guy laughed nervously, and said, "Heh, I suppose so..." I think he had NO idea what I meant! Ah, tile salesmen, they don't get out much, except to smoke on the side of the building!

And THESE, are my cabinets! It's called Coffee Glaze (the glaze part is like a dark brown wash that they put in the corners and grooves to make the edges stand out.) You can see my granite sitting on top in the showroom.
TA DAAAAAAAAAA! :) Now, it has to be put in my house! :)

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